Wedding Venue In Cold Spring, MN

Weddings are one of the biggest events in your life. Don’t let a subpar venue ruin it. Get in touch with The Great Blue Heron, the best wedding venue in Cold Spring, MN! Whatever theme you’re planning, we can create a menu to match.

We can handle weddings of any size at our banquet hall, and provide all of the staff for setup and teardown. We also have basic decor for you to utilize. That’s why Great Blue Heron is the best wedding venue in Cold Spring, MN! Give us a call today to reserve your date.


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Catering for your wedding is handled by our experienced in-house chefs and staff. You don’t have to worry about paying extra for an outside caterer: we have you covered, and will provide exactly what you order.

Our menu and service can be customized to any budget or event size. Our goal is to exceed your expectations in both the quality of our food as well as our service and impress your guests with a wedding venue in Cold Spring, MN they will not soon forget.

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Great Blue Heron Wedding Venue In Cold Spring, MN

At Great Blue Heron we make it easy for you to plan your wedding.

We have all the tables, chairs and other furniture you might need in-house so you don’t need to rent those items and pay extra. We have a variety of linens on hand to choose from as well. We’re happy to show you photos of previous weddings we’ve done so you know exactly what you’ll be getting!

Our wedding venue in Cold Spring, MN is perfect for you, whether you need an indoor space for your choreographed first dance or a beautiful outdoor space for your rustic wedding, we have you covered. Let us know what you need, and we’ll work with you to make sure you have everything.


Great Blue Heron: An Experience

We want your guests to rave about your wedding as much as you do. After all, that’s why we have been successfully providing couples with a wedding venue in Cold Spring, MN for decades. To give your guests an exceptional experience, contact us and see the difference we can make!