4 Tips To Make Your Wedding Reception Amazing

While Great Blue Heron is primarily a caterer for wedding receptions, we’ve seen a lot of wedding decor, cakes and other awesome tricks throughout the years. Here are our best tips to make your wedding reception amazing!

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1. Use Your Cake As A Focal Point

We’ve seen so many cakes over the years. Flavors like chocolate, vanilla, lemon, pumpkin, carrot, almond, red velvet and more; frostings like buttercream, meringue, fondant, ganache, whipped cream and more.

One of the best ways to spice up your wedding reception is with a unique cake! Your cake can serve as a focal point either visually or conversationally.

With a visual cake, it’s a great idea to incorporate either your hobbies or work into the design. If you work in the dental field, you might design it as a tooth!

With a conversational cake, a unique flavor combination should be used. For instance, if your wedding is being held in the fall, or you love Halloween or camping, you might want to create a s’mores flavored cake! Use a graham cracker cake base with chocolate ganache, marshmallows and vanilla buttercream. You can even toast the outside for a visual flair!


2. Add Personal Touches

When you’re considering your wedding reception, remember the most important words aren’t “wedding” or “reception”; they’re “your”. It’s your wedding reception, so it should feel like “you”!

You can add personal touches anywhere, form special bride & groom chairs, to a custom-made guest book. Your favorite music can play when you walk in, or throughout the night. You can create small take-home items for your guests, and so much more!


3. Add Floral Arrangements

Not everyone considers floral arrangements for centerpieces. Some may choose to stick with a photo, or candle, or something on that order. But using greenery of any sort – from branches to flowers, wheat to vines – will really spice up your wedding reception and add some life to the table!


4. Kids’ Table

To keep the little ones entertained throughout the night (and to give their parents an opportunity to hit the dance floor), give them their own designated area. You can set up one or a few tables topped with coloring books, crayons, games and small toys!